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This is Jeff, a product of career parents, born and raised along the banks of the Ohio in Cincinnati. As the child of an architect, Jeff was continuously exposed to his father’s drafting skills, which in turn, fueled Jeff’s drawing ability and creative nature from an early age. As the years of Jeff’s youth began drawing to a close, Jeff’s father gave this inspirational speech,


“Work, military or school, but you’re not living here.”


These finely crafted and heartfelt words were the catalyst that launched Jeff’s professional creative journey.


I will attempt to keep this brief. I am a graduate of the Ball State University Visual Communications program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I possess over thirty years of professional experience including Graphic Design, Publishing, Advertising Design, Photography, Graphic Arts, Layout and Design, and more. My professional experience ranges from working in the intimacy of a small Advertising and Design Studio to that of a large US-based international Publishing Company. My professional experience includes high-end advertising for a multi-million dollar international company to advertising and marketing for local mom-and-pop businesses. My experience in publishing for a daily newspaper exposed me to the rigors of daily deadlines.  I feel that my wide range of professional experience provides me the versatility in my field that would be of value to any potential employer.


It’s kind of tough to fit Jeff’s history and highlights into five hundred words or less, and there’s so much more that could fill reams.


So this is Jeff, what can he do for you?


Okay, if you need to know the specifics, just click the "Nitty Gritty" link.

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