This is Jeff, a product of career parents, born and raised along the banks of the Ohio in Cincinnati. As the child of an architect, Jeff was continuously exposed to his father’s drafting skills, which in turn, fueled Jeff’s drawing ability and creative nature from an early age. As the years of Jeff’s youth began drawing to a close, Jeff’s father gave this inspirational speech,


“Work, military or school, but you’re not living here.”


These finely crafted and heartfelt words were the catalyst that launched Jeff’s professional creative journey.


Jeff ultimately did receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications, immediately married and moved away from the frigid north. Jeff settled in Southwest Florida, raised a family and built decades of professional Graphic Design skills and experience in studio, production and corporate settings.


So why move back to the cold, grey north? One word, divorce. That plus the empty nest that adult children ultimately provide briefly sent Jeff back to his hometown of Cincinnati.


So why move even further into the frigid north? One word, marriage. After reuniting with a childhood friend that had remained unmarried and discovering the comfort that having a common history provide, it was time for Marriage Part II. Jeff’s new wife, being a longtime resident of the Chicago area, ultimately brought him to the Windy City where he resides to this day.


What does Jeff do when he’s not displaying his professional skills? Sharing time with his wife ballroom dancing; but wait it does work both ways, she also shares his love of antique automobiles. She actually was the one that diligently pursued the purchase of the 1966 Chevy they periodically cruise to local shows. His wife also feeds his love of professional sports by regularly renewing Jeff’s NFL Superfan Subscription. For the past year, Jeff has been on a career break in order to dive into his biggest project, renovating their ‘40s era home. The menagerie of pets that rivals a small petting zoo tends to occupy the short bursts of their remaining free time.


It’s kind of tough to fit Jeff’s history and highlights into five hundred words or less, and there’s so much more that could fill reams.


So this is Jeff, what can he do for you?


Okay, you need to know the specifics, just click the "Nitty Gritty" link.